Boys Will Be… Girls

Boys Will Be Girls is one series of erotic art by Carolyn (aka Sophi to her dearest friends). I love this image of a man being dressed in a corset.

A mixed-media artist who uses charcoal, graphite, gesso and oils as well as her computer to illustrate her innermost thoughts, poems and ideas, Carolyn’s erotic art has been a constant fixture on the streets of New York’s famous art districts since 1998.

The artist says:

Around eight years ago, I abandoned my very sensible career and my laura ashley tweed suit and took a trip back to my childhood. To follow my dream of becoming a painter. I discovered erotica. Now I’m evolving the second passion of my life as an extraordinary creator of loving erotica. I am living my dream.

You can find more erotic art, nudes of men, women and couples, at

To purchase, see the catalogue.

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