Take Off Your Bras — For Charity

Jamie Chapman, director of Upliftedlingerie.co.uk commented, “We recently carried out a survey which concluded that over 50 percent of women in the U.K. own between 10 and 15 bras – yet just a third of women wear all of them, and 15 percent wear only one or two. As there are plenty of unused bras out there, we decided to partner with national charity Crisis to put all these bras to good use.”

Crisis is a UK charity that fights homelessness and empowers people to fulfill their potential and transform their lives:

The Crisis vision is that all homeless people, or those in danger of becoming homeless, should be able to easily access individual help and support which will help them to rebuild their lives and prevent them from remaining trapped in the cycle of homelessness.

Mick Bateman of Crisis said, “Looking and feeling good is vital in helping homeless women build their self-esteem. All the bras donated will be gratefully received by Crisis and will make so much difference to so many women’s lives.”

So this year, instead of giving up chocolate or alcohol for lent, donate a bra to charity.

If feeling good isn’t enough for you — nor clearing out those drawers — how about 15% off on a purchase of new lingerie?

During Lent (February 21 – April 7), send in your bras — they will be be distributed to homeless women via Crisis and you’ll save 15% at UpLiftedLingerie.co.uk.

To get involved with the “bra amnesty,” simply package up unwanted bras, any size and style, including nursing bras — just make sure they are clean. Send them to arrive no later than April 7th, and include your name and e-mail address to:

Uplifted Lingerie
Howard Road
Clan Works Unit D
Bromley BR1 3QJ

You will be emailed a 15% discount voucher.

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