But What About The Steam Burns?

“We had a much better atmosphere, good coffee. Unfortunately, they ran around half-naked and we didn’t,” said (John) Cambroto, who finally threw in the towel last spring and sold his business to his rival, the operator of six Cowgirls Espresso stands in the Seattle suburbs.

John Cambroto and others throw in the towel, selling & closing their coffee shops because they cannot compete with ladies in lingerie and bikinis which sell the brews.

Candice Law, leaning out the drive-through window in a black bra that didn’t quite cover her shiny purple pasties, and Toni Morgan, wearing a skimpy halter top, see-through red lace panties and chaps, seemed to know every customer.

And before you complain: As long as the employees’ breasts and buttocks are covered, they aren’t breaking the law. And the owners of the stands say they get few complaints.

I’d say more complaints would come from the workers who get steam and hot beverage burns. ;)

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