Retro Dressing

Womens underwear in the 1930s and 1940s was very different from todays underwear, in most cases it was much sexier, retro underwear resembles modern lingerie in some cases.

There was nice and expensive underwear and the rather un-atractive cheap underwear. The first was usually made of silk and the latter of cotton or even wool!

Bloomers, knickers, panties or as we know them underpants in most cases were extremely large in our modern eyes. They had legs and would be large enough to cover your bellybutton!

Stockings didnt have any elastics so these had to be kept up somehow, this was done with a suspender belt, a rather large, often pink sort of wrap-skirt you would wrap around your waist, fasten with small hooks and this would hold the stockings with 4 or 6 clasps.

From Miss Joeri’s retro fashion page, which has tips & info for men & women.

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