Made by Niki

Made by Niki is launching the Rosary Collection in stores worldwide this February 2007.

The couture lingerie collection comes with instant redemption, in the form of a Swarovski crystal and czech glass Rosary necklace that can be suspended from the straps, the chastity belt or worn separately.

Designer Niki McMorrough says, “The Rosary is an age-old symbol of purity and peace, used for centuries by people seeking instant redemption. I couldn’t think of a better place to put one than on this devilishly decadent bra.”

Made by Niki will release just 30 sets of each colourway (Heavenly White and Devilish Black) which can be ordered direct from or from one of the few stores which carry Made by Niki. Made by Niki’s garments are seriously limited edition collectibles, each with a hand-painted number label in Niki’s handwriting.

‘Made by Niki’s’ hand-crafted, innovative approach to lingerie produces extraordinarily versatile garments which can be worn with jeans or dressed up, over or under clothes, inside-out and with removable jewelery.

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