Michelle’s Erotic Story Entry

I look at you. Simply look at you for a full minute or two. You’re relaxed, under a light spell, alert but peaceful, wholly within yourself. You look back at me in an open, trusting manner.

I take your shoulders, gently, just holding you for a while. You accept my touch, returning a soft smile to mine. The moment is soft, unhurried, secure.

I bring your body close to mine and hug you, just enjoying the feel of your upper torso on mine. Your pink satin slip whispers close to my nose, leaving a gentle scent of perfume as it shimmers on your body. Its grey intricate lace edge swims before my eyes.

A slight shift here, a little movement there, and our bodies slide together quietly, effortlessly. Under your slip I can feel your breasts softly rising and falling with each breath, your heart tracing its regular, leisurely beat. We stay together, almost becoming one, while our bodies relax into minute final adjustments, filling the last remaining spaces between them.

Each tiny movement slides your slip slightly over your bra, and the feeling of frottage, as the French call it, is liquid magic…I’m lost in admiration for a moment; then awe gives way to a slowly-rising desire.

Time passes, the earth rotates, the universe expands a few more kilometers….possibly a star dies.

Finally we separate slowly, reluctantly and I hold you at arm’s length. I appreciate the angles of your face, the curve of your lips, the slight sheen of your hair framing your serene face, and the colour contrast of the slip on your pale skin. It’s still a nice moment.

Now I start to explore your face and hair with my hands, my fingers, sensing the different textures, the bones underneath, the smooth tension of your skin. Perhaps you sigh in quiet contentment.

I look at you once again, then gently bring my lips to your forehead, kissing it gently at various spots. You yield ever so slightly, but unmistakably, surrendering into my light embrace. My hands are busy exploring the smooth sexiness of your slip along your back.

My lips move to caress your eyes, each of which closes in turn to accept my moist touch. I nibble one ear, and you giggle in response. My lips trace their attention down your nose, and linger just briefly at your lips, which pout in response but then relax as my lips move away again.

But not for long. My mouth returns to yours, lips exploring lips, tongue flicking between for just a second, teasing. Then more forcefully, perhaps more urgently, separating your lips as it finds its way to the warmth of your mouth. But along the way my lips pay special attention your yours, softly biting on each one, tasting their sweetness in turn.

We kiss… tongue matching tongue, exploring, sucking, withdrawing and entering again. Perhaps a little moan escapes your lips, perhaps mine.

We stop, savoring the experience, smiling at the enjoyment we have shared to this moment. I hug you close again for a minute, my hands caressing your shoulders.

Now I slowly start to remove your slip, sensually opening it bit by bit, my hands warming your skin inside. You shrug your shoulders out of it, and let it fall to the floor in a sparkling shimmer.

You stand in your pretty lace bra, red garter belt and black stockings, putting your hands up to my shoulders. You’re a perfect picture. I stand in admiration.

I turn my attention to your shoulders, kissing them in turn, my tongue tracing its way from each edge to your neck. You shiver involuntarily – delight? embarrassment? a slight chill? Who knows.

Now my fingers slip under the straps of your black lace bra, lifting each and sliding it off each shoulder. I kiss the area where they covered. And then I bring you close your me, your breasts thrusting into my chest as I tenderly unhook the bra behind you. Again you shrug, helping to remove the garment.

I inhale your body’s scent from the discarded bra, admire its sensuous design, then drop it onto the slip and hug you close again, so that your naked and free breasts are mingled in my shirt. They grow warm again there as I rub your back and shoulders.

Then I push you back and start to trace the curve of each breast with my tongue and lips. A little gasp of pleasure escapes your pursed lips, and you bow your head and press your lips into my neck, bent over into your torso.

My exploration continues, moving quickly to each nipple, now springing to prominence under my lips and teeth, which bite them delicately as I continue my attentions. I pause for a moment to appreciate each orb in turn, now slightly wet and even pink with arousal. Impatiently, you cup them and offer them to my waiting mouth for more adulation, which is duly given selflessly.

You motion me impatiently to come over to the bed, where you sit, arms outstretched, calling me wordlessly. In one languid, fluid movement I tear off my T-shirt.

You notice that my own nipples are erect in anticipation and you grasp me gently and lick, then suck them gently. Now it’s my turn to take short breaths, as I stand there, passion rising.

Finally I kneel as you raise each foot with a smile and I slip each of your high-heeled pumps off. I hold each black-stockinged foot to my cheeks, savouring the smooth nylon against the beginnings of my stubble. This draws a little giggle from you.

There’s still no rush, as I slowly caress first one leg, then other, all the way up to your stocking tops. Your legs encased in the black nylon feel so good that I bring them together, bend your knees and rub my chest against them. This is starting to get intense, and your expression indicates as much.

But we make ourselves wait. You reach down and pick up your discarded satin slip, still warm from your body; you bring it up to your torso and hug it to yourself, smiling impishly at me over its lacy top. Then it’s my turn; you reach out with it, draping it over my shoulders, teasing my nipples with its softness, drawing it smoothly across my ever-more-alive skin.

Just when I think I’m in heaven, here’s come an angel. It’s you, following your slip, sandwiching its between us as you hug me kneeling there. But not just a static hug; you deliberately rotate your body, so that your unrestrained breasts alternately press the satin to me, then slide along my body, then peek out from the slip and touch me with their own erect nipples. It’s an electric combination.

It takes us a few moments to recover from this scene; then you put the slip to one side and sit back on the back, watching me with a naughty smile, your head at an angle which says, “what next, my love?”

I know what’s next. I lift each leg in turn, gently kissing it on the sole, behind the knee – and on the inner thigh.

Slowly, lovingly, I unclasp the four garter straps on each leg and roll the stockings down, handing them to you in turn. Your response is to lean forward and wrap them around my neck so nylon scarves, so that they fall over my chest, tickling my pecs again.

But your leaning forward has brought your free breasts close to me again, and I must stop for a moment and kiss each one, my mouth and tongue savoring their tautness and texture. As I pay them attention, you push your hair back with your hands, throw your head back and begin to make little sounds of satisfaction, almost like a purr…

Now to your panty-girdle garter belt. It’s a gorgeous retro-style red one, hugging your perfect hips and tummy. Its eight straps, freed from the tension of the stockings, now lie askew on your naked thighs and on the bed; they’re beautiful in their disarray, and for a moment I just look at them… appreciating the impromptu pattern they make.

But then I start to slide the panty down, gently inserting my fingers at the elastic hem to ease their movement. You wiggle your hips, and off it comes, warm and heavy with your scent. I bring it to my face and breathe you in for a long minute.

As I’m doing so I suddenly feel your hands at my waist, quickly undoing my belt and pants, letting them fall to the floor on their own weight. I step out of them and push them to one side. I’m barefoot, and my boxer shorts are tenting prominently with my now-raging erection. I slip these off.

But there you are, in all your glory, and I lean forward as you lie, my mouth seeking the warm recesses of your pussy. First I kiss the entire area, nuzzling and licking my way around the pleasant neighborhood. Your sighs become deeper and longer, as you shift your legs open languorously, eyes closed, one hand absently playing with your hair.

Now I part your upper labia, seeking your little nub. I find it, engorged with desire, peeking out from the discreet folds of skin. I gently part the lips, my tongue flicking gently at your clitoris. Your sighs have changed to moans of pleasure, your leg movements more rapid, your hips starting to rise in waves…

I continue my special treatment, licking and sucking, now gently, now harder, now faster strokes. Your first climax is already building fast. I trigger it deliberately by inserting a quick finger into the edge of your pussy, and that pushes you over the edge. You scream and claw at the bed sheets, body writhing in wanton movements.

But I’m not through yet. I attend to your clit once more, gently bringing it back to more passion this time with my fingers as my mouth returns to your perfect breasts, nipping and sucking at the nipples. Within minutes your second orgasm is rising fast, and now my mouth returns to your clit, then your pussy as I enter you with stiffened out thrust tongue. Your head is thrashing from side to side and your hands are buried in my hair.

As your heat rises and sense you are close, I play my surprise card: a finger inserted into your anus. Your gasp of astonishment is followed by a primal groan and suddenly you are coming again, more intensely than ever.

You collapse, and I step back for a moment, secretly jealous of your ability to sustain two orgasms so close together. My erection twitches as I look at your spent body, your stockings still wrapped around my neck. Absentmindedly I take one and sniff it, rubbing it over my face.

You notice this, and in a flash your impish self takes over. You are up and wrapping the stocking around my eyes in a quick spur-of-the-moment blindfold. You whisper to me not to move, as you take my erection and guide it softly to your lips.

My own gasps of pleasure come as you begin to suck and bite me gently, massaging me, keeping me rocking on my feet. Blinded, I feel the sensations even more. I know I can’t take much more of this.

But the your mouth is gone. There’s a moment’s break, while you hiss once more not to move.

And after a second – an electric-like shock as something cool and smooth is wrapped around my penis. It’s your slip, encasing me within your hand as you now start to pump me, slowly then faster and faster.

I can’t see the pink satin around my prick, and that makes the feeling even more erotic. I can only imagine the grey lace and pink shimmer riding around my throbbing member, bringing rapidly to its climax.

I erupt, shuddering into your hand, your slip. It’s an immensely long one, as you milk my climax expertly. I’m left dizzy, weak, rocking on my feet.

And as I unwind the stocking from around my eyes, I see you smiling at me and saying, well now, we’ve only just begun, haven’t we?

And indeed we have.

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