Gossiping with Nikko Lee

Nikko Lee was really excited to have won the contest with her winning story, Greta — especially the $50 prize from Cameo Intimates…

She wrote, “That’s excellent news! Thank-you. I can’t wait to go shopping. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve browsed through their selection just in case I won.”

I, of course, told her I’d love to hear what she picked out. She was gracious enough to agree to let me know, saying, “It will be hard though there are so many lovely things to choose from. I esp. like the underwear that ties up at the back… or maybe the beaded panties…. or… lol”

I said, “You head may just about explode trying to choose; mine nearly has. However, it’s nothing like the ‘explosion’ of wearing it :p”

Nikko has survived her mind-blowing lingerie shopping and wrote to tell me…

“Well it took some time and browsing through just about every item on the Cameo site but I finally decided on what I would order. I choose a laced-up garter belt with soft pink as my first choice and wine as my second choice of colors.”

“I love just about everything on that site and would love one of everything. But I guess I will have to start building my collection one piece at a time. Now to get some thigh high stockings.”

Now the rest of us can imagine her wearing it while writing her next erotic story ;)

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