Greta: An Erotic Lingerie Story

Greta, by Nikko Lee, is the winning story in The First A Slip of a Girl’s Lingerie Erotica Contest.

(Yes, it’s adult in nature, so don’t read if you don’t appreciate erotic stories!)

Here is the full story in full:

Greta knelt on the floor in front of the older gentleman dressed in military garb. Behind his large oak desk in the dimly lit office no one would dare disturb the Minister of Defense and his special guest. Greta tossed off her official hat and unbuttoned the brass buttons of her simple green uniform just enough to expose her pale white breasts. She was one of the highest-ranking women in the East German army and here on official military business. Perhaps that was why Georgry so enjoyed seeing her on her knees, begging for his cock. His thick finger traced the edge of her cleavage. If there was one thing that Greta missed about the pre-cold war era it was luxuries like lace and satin braziers. It was even difficult for a man like Georgry to procure such lingerie. Luxuries like those were reserved for those in favor with the Chairman and that did not include Minister Georgry Zhukov.

The thick finger moved up her neck as she tilted her head. When his hand reached her short, blonde hair Georgry spoke, “Are you ready to do your duty, Fräulein?”

“Da, Minister,” Greta licked her lips, “I am at the service of the motherland.”


Greta leaned forward to catch her reflection in the small mirror of the black Volga GAZ-21and re-applied her crimson red lipstick. She could feel Commander Georgry’s eyes on her backside as she took extra care that her lipstick covered every curve of her lips. Besides it was customary for her to give him a little view to keep him warm at night after her weekly visit. As special counsel on East German affaires she reported directly to the Minister of Defense on the progress of demilitarization of the Warsaw Pact countries. Though Greta was the leading representative from the Deutschland, the Minister was more interested in her tongue than her words. He was not a fan of the demilitarization plans but it was a good excuse to meet with the Fräulein after hours and out of sight from the other party members.

Under the cover of night Greta returned to her waiting escort, the flavor of the Minister’s seed fresh in her mouth. The young cadets saluted Greta as she entered her guarded barracks. The base was not equipped with any luxuries that she had been acquainted with in her native land. The regime was not fond of indulging material desires and she was not high ranking enough to be housed in one of the few hotels. Though it was only a matter of time before she found out just whose dick she had to suck to get a soft mattress and a bottle of champagne. Not that she had time to waste on such pursuits. Her job was straightforward and time was running thin. Khrushchev’s plans were in motion despite Zhukov’s protestations. Exactly what those plans were was what Greta was here to find out.

As she pour water into a washbasin a knock at the door disturbed her thoughts.

“Fräulein,” the timid voice of a cadet, so young and innocent, reached her ears. “I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“What is it?” Greta yelled through the closed door. She had already begun to undress and was not prepared for visitors.

“Sorry,” the cadet stuttered. “A parcel arrived for you earlier this morning. It is marked for your eyes only.”

Interesting, she thought and opened the door. She had forgotten her state of undress and as soon as her eyes met the cadet’s she saw his drop to her chest. She looked down to see just what had captured the boy’s attention so intently.

“Leave it on the bed.” Greta returned to her washbasin with one eye on the reflection of the cadet in the small mirror.

He looked about the room wide-eyed and for a moment Greta was tempted to indulge in his youth. It was not often that the boys ever got the chance to enter a woman’s room much less explore the finer points of femininity. Greta let the top half of her uniform fall to the ground. Next was the plain brazier that often irritated her skin with its roughness. The cadet was just about to deposit the box on her bed when he caught the paleness of her skin out of the corner of his eye. The box crashed into the ground with the cadet frozen in place and unable to take his eyes off of Greta. She walked towards him and could not miss the growth of his member within his tight pants.

“Was there anything else?” Greta asked with her hands on her hips.

“N-n-n-o,” the cadet stuttered.

“Then leave unless you plan on becoming a man tonight.” Greta had not meant to sound menacing but the cadet no sooner saluted and made a hasty retreat.

Greta chuckled and decided she was more interested in the parcel the cadet had brought than what was under his pants. He was far too young anyways, Greta reminded herself, and besides she was on the job. She satisfied herself with slowly unraveling the top-secret parcel wrapped in plain brown paper. Everything about this country was plain. Even their most exquisite galas were military affaires with little more fanfare than the bugle and marching drums.

Within the parcel was another parcel wrapped in thicker brown paper and atop of it sat a single envelope. She opened it with haste when she recognized the mark of the eagle on the seal. It was from her superiors and no doubt contained vital instructions. After decoding it Greta knew that tonight was going to be a long night.

“Fräulein Greta,

The boys are back from the North with the Chairman’s blessing. Rest and relaxation are the orders of the night. Find the trio of the Red Guard at the Water Shed. Consider the enclosed an upgrade to the standard uniform.”

Greta frowned. She had thought her drab uniform with standard issue bra, panties, hosiery and hat; she could hardy think of what she could be possibly missing from her drab ensemble. Greta gasped when she pulled back the thick brown wrapping to reveal a bright red vinyl bullet brazier, matching garter belt and panties. She hadn’t seen such vibrant colors in so long they practically blinded her. They were like life in a room of browns, faded greens and grays. She felt a flutter in her stomach as her fingers reached for the brightly colored fabric. Greta almost feared to touch the points of the brazier for fear that this sensual mirage might vanish. She knew right away that she was going to enjoy her job tonight.


The Water Shed was called a gentlemen’s club though Greta knew well the kind of gentlemen that frequented it. The patrons consisted mostly high-ranking officials in the Red Army who had earned or bought the luxury of feminine comfort. She had never visited the establishment but had heard the hushed rumors among the cadets and soldiers when they thought she wasn’t listening. Greta wondered what it must be like for the woman who put their bodies on show. No doubt they were well fed and paid for who would want to watch a woman who was all skin and bones strip.

Dressed in her uniform the guards at the door barely noticed her. Clothed in her official gear she could easily pass for a male officer but the click of her heeled shoes and the glint of her hose-covered legs always gave her away.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a guard started to speak as she moved into the club.

One look was all the guard needed to reassure him that she knew where she was and that she was not of a low enough rank for him to presume to tell her whether or not she should be here. Greta had practiced her stern stare on numerous occasions and it served her well whenever her presence was questioned. She passed the bar crowed with off-duty soldiers who stared at the nearly naked woman parading around on stage. With one hand on a glass and the other on the crotch of their pants they made no attempt to conceal their excitement. The thought of such unrestrained sexuality in an era and nation where restrain every good comrade’s responsibility stimulated Greta in ways she hadn’t thought of before. She made a beeline for the backroom where no doubt the officers she sought were indulging in more personal attention.

“Take it off,” Lieutenant Petrovich shouted at the long-haired brunette who swayed her hips on the raised platform in front of their table.

Beside him Lieutenant Demidov and Corporal Smolensky sat equally as inebriated and energetic as their comrade. Not one of the trio noticed Greta enter and she stood taking in the scene. On the little stage a girl no more than 18 years old danced in a rhythmic fashion that suggested she was willing to do much more than dance. Even Greta had to admit the girl has some talent but she would soon show the girl just how to get a man’s attention.

“Attention,” Corporal Smolensky shouted when he caught sight of the rank markings on Greta’s sleeve.

With the reflexes of hard-trained soldiers the other two stood likewise at attention ready to salute their commanding officer. The shock on their faces when they realized that this commanding officer was a woman was priceless. Greta observed them with stern and critical eyes. She walked over to each and looked them over from head to toe. Their discipline kept them perfectly still despite their shock but it could do nothing to conceal their obvious erections.

“Gentlemen,” Greta spoke and saluted them with haste. The night was too short to waste on formalities. “What are we celebrating tonight?”

Greta continued her inspection of the scene by walking over to the brunette who shrunk underneath her gaze. Definitely nothing to compare, Greta thought as she remembered her mission.

“We have just returned from service in the northern guard,” Lieutenant Petrovich explained with pride.

When the dancer could no longer bare Greta’s gaze she scurried off the stage. Greta returned her attention to the men and their brazen hard-ons. She stood in front of Lieutenant Petrovich and removed her gloves.

“I hardly see how that calls for the luxury of a woman.” Greta brought her gloves to her side pocket and made sure they glanced over the Lieutenant’s cock as they traveled.

“It was a special mission,” Lieutenant Petrovich explained with a slight wince. His cock doubled in size, straining against the thin fabric of his pants.

Greta began to walk away from the trio and turned her back on them as she undid the buttons of her uniform top.

“It must have been special if I was asked to commend you three on a job well-done.” When she turned back to face them she watched their jaws drop as they saw the red vinyl brazier set on pale white skin. “And from what I have heard very special thanks are in order.”

Corporal Smolensky was the first to break rank as he peered at his comrades. The three must have thought they were the luckiest soldiers in the army. Greta let her top fall to the floor and began to undo her skirt as she walked towards the stage.

“Hardly the usual room,” she let her skirt fall to the ground and stepped out of it before turning towards the men still at attention. “Comrades I am here to debrief you.”

Standing atop the little stage with a pole in one corner and a pink polka-doted backdrop. Greta stretched one arm behind her head while the other seductively stroked her sides.

“Now who is first?” Greta asked.

The men looked between each other surprised by her invitation. It did not take long for Lieutenant Demidov to step forward. He was the largest of the trio but deep-set eyes and an almost primitive brow. He was not without his charms among them a bulging manhood.

“What does the Fräulein wish to know?” Demidov asked with a hand on his crotch. “And hope are we going to be rewarded for our service?”

Greta walked over to the edge of the stage and looked down at the bold young man. His hair was cropped close and his eyes were fixed on Greta’s vinyl bound breasts. She lifted his chin to bring his eyes to hers.

“If I am satisfied I may allow you the pleasure of touching me,” Greta traced the outline of her brazier with her index finger. “And if I am impressed I may give you the rare privilege of being touched by me.”

As she stepped off of the stage so close the soldier that her body rubbed along the length of his. She felt him shudder when she glanced across the hardness lurking within his pants.

“Remove your clothes,” Greta commanded. She picked up her leather gloves and slapped them against her hand.

The soldiers willingly complied and soon stood in nothing but their underwear tented around their members. Though this was a task was a command from on high and purely a professional matter Greta could feel the swelling lips of her nether regions.

“What does the Fräulein want to know?” Smolensky spoke eager to begin.

Greta walked in front of the youngest of the three. His shaggy blonde hair fell about his blue eyes.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” Greta slapped Smolensky’s cock with her gloves hard enough to draw a whimper.

“No,” Smolensky whispered barely able to keep his hands by his side.

“No,” Greta repeated and grabbed his testicles through his shorts. She massaged them gently at first but then gripped them firmly. “Then I suggest you speak only when spoken to. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Fräulein.” Smolenski didn’t exhale until Greta released him.

“Do you all understand?” Greta asked the other two as she slapped her gloves across her open hand.

“Yes, Fräulein,” the three shouted in unison.

A feeling of power washed over Greta that she had only felt when she was a young girl and she would wrestle the boys to the ground. She remembered sitting on top of the helpless boy until he begged for mercy. Greta was always considered a tomboy but now she had the charms of a woman and these soldiers would not be able to resist that deadly combination.

“Who can tell me the location of the northern base?” Greta asked a question she knew anyone could answer.

“20 miles northwest of Leningrad,” Petrovich stepped forward and spoke.

For a moment Greta debated punishing him for the sheer pleasure of doing so but she did not want the young men to get discouraged. She stood in front of him with her breast nearly touching his chest.

“Correct. Now what part of my body would you like to touch?” Greta stroked her neck as she spoke.

“Your tits,” Petrovich blurted out. His eyes were wide with anticipation and even his hands shock from the attempt to restrain his urges.

Greta nodded and put her hands on her hips and waited for his touch. He had all the grace of a schoolboy as he reached with both hands for her breast. His fingers kneed the vinyl-covered orbs with a force that hardened Greta’s nipples and made her want to moan. She only allowed him to continue for a few moments before drawing away.

“Next. Who is our courageous chairman?” Greta was pleased to see Smolensky step forward. She wondered how differently each soldier would feel. “Yes, corporal?”

“Chairman Khrushchev.” Smolensky’s young face beamed like that of a schoolboy’s who knew he would rightly be receiving his reward.

The distance between them evaporated and Smolensky’s tentative hands reached for Greta’s bosom with trembling fingers. His light touch was almost electric as his fingers drifted over the smooth fabric and finding their target squeezed her nipples until pain blossomed with pleasure. She shouldn’t be enjoying this so much, Greta thought. The feel of his fingers on her vinyl-covered flesh was far more enticing then any naked grope in the back rooms of the minister’s complex. She had to suppress the shudder that ran form her toes to the top of her head. It was a rush of blood that made her dizzy with wanton desires.

“This one is more difficult so I will offer much more of myself.” Greta stood in front of the trio of horny soldiers and knew just how she wanted to up the ante. “You may all answer at will and fill me in on all the details. Describe the success of your mission.”

She could feel the heat of their bodies as they surrounded her. A hand went to her breast as a mouth suckled on her earlobe. Whispers of their mission were exchanged for touches and temptations. She felt a thigh nudge against her vinyl-covered pussy and this time she did not stop her body from arching into it. Every detail of their mission from contact names to their top-secret plutonium shipment was freely given when Greta dropped to her knees.

A hand guided her head to a waiting cock and she devoured it in response. She was guided over one of the soldier’s penis while another urgently pressed against her cheek. A hand for each of the other cocks and Greta knew that much more would come before she would allow these soldiers to be satisfied. It was her duty after all to interrogate them thoroughly. With her legs spread apart she felt her excitement stronger than ever. She could feel her vinyl panties moisten and she knew satisfaction would be hers.

“You suck cock like a pro, Fräulein,” Demidov gasped. “But I want to taste that pussy of yours. Ask me what ever gets me access to your pussy.”

Greta let the cock fall from her mouth and spoke, “What is the use of this plutonium?”

Demidov sank to his knees.

“Nuclear weapons,” he said even as his eyes were fixed between her legs.

“Consider my cunt your platter.” Greta stood and put one foot on Demidov’s shoulder.

The lieutenant’s head disappeared beneath her garter belt when Greta felt the sudden pressure against her panties. Their thin material was more torture than if she had been wearing nothing at all. As Demidov mouthed her covered clitoris and drank in her wetness she could bring her no closer to orgasm. The other soldiers took up positions in front and behind her. She felt their members press into her as they rubbed and suckled ever part of her. Greta did not know how much longer they would wait to feel her from the inside but she knew she did not intend on waiting long.

“You’ve all answered my questions to my satisfaction,” Greta’s voice was laced with want. “Now you will perform your duty to my satisfaction.”

She pushed Demidov away and instructed him to disrobe her. His thick fingers fumbled with the garter belt attachments but his need was as pressing as hers. His fingers tugged at the thigh-high stockings pulled them from her legs one at a time. Next was her underwear, Demidov passed the soaked material to his comrades who took in Greta’s scent. When he reached for her garter belt she stopped him.

“No, leave those on,” Greta said placed her foot on his chest. She pushed him until he was lying down, his flag pole upright and ready. “Let’s see if this cock of yours is as talented as your tongue.”

Slowly Greta lowered herself onto his waiting member. The hot tip pressed urgently against her opening and slipped easily inside her. Demidov’s rough hands grabbed hold of her hips and drove her onto him. Not to be left out Petrovich’s cock found Greta’s gaping mouth and filled it. The corporal was left to feel Greta’s aching breast, his cock pressing against her back. The rhythmic pumping into and out of Greta’s mouth and pussy was heavenly. Even the young corporals cock nudged against her rear hole seeking entrance. Greta felt in everyway like a sexual creature. Wrapped in vinyl and filled with horny young men, she felt her body move of its own accord. Waves of pleasure washed over her and threatened to crest. When she could no longer hold back the tide she bucked like a wild animal trying to drive their cocks even deeper inside of her. Greta let out a muffled cry that was echoed by the soldiers. Their seed exploded inside Greta and filled her until it seeped from every opening.

The trio of well-used soldiers sat back in their chairs and tried to catch their breath. Greta was already in her uniform and placing her hat on her head. She could feel the cum dribbling down her leg and it only made her feel more powerful.

“Excellent work men,” Greta said as she headed to the door. “I look forward to your next debriefing.”

Greta left the men exhausted and breathless. She had accomplished her mission but she would wait for the next morning to send word to her superior. Russia was working on nuclear weapons and no doubt Greta’s services would be needed again.

Photo of the Cameo Vinyl Garter Belt & Vinyl Bullet Bra Set via Cameo Intimates. Modeled by Maria Lakina, photo by Rick Dones.

About the author: Nikko Lee is my alter ego who loves to indulge in stories of dark desire and pleasure.

I ‘found’ Nikko reading at

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