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Lindsay Lohan, Gary Marshall, & Jane Fonda celebrated Fonda’s 69th birthday on the set of Georgia Rule. In the photo Jane placed her hand right on Lindsay’s chest covering her cleavage. Jane felt Lindsay was displaying too much too soon, according to Liz Smith.

Liz also says that Lohan may be committed to sobriety because she bought a pair of red panties that say “Sober” on one side and “Clean” on the other. (I’d love to see those panties — and double points if on Lohan so we don’t have to see her junk anymore.)

Also in the news, Paul Verhoeven took Sharon Stone’s panties after convincing her to go commando in Basic Instinct. Scriptwriter Joe Eszterhas says in his book, “He probably won’t sell the scented pair of panties.” I doubt after 15 years they retain any ‘scent’.

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