Too Aroused

I read all the entries from The First Slip of a Girl Lingerie Erotica Contest — I say ‘First’ because I’ll definitely have to do this again!

While there were but a few entries, they were all excellent; I had a very difficult time choosing.

I had to read them a few times and each time I exhausted myself managing my arousal (both with and without hubby’s help).

I’d love to be able to give all who entered a prize, but there can only be one winner. Since that winner also receives an icon proclaiming them to be The Most Erotic of All, I now need to make said icon/image. Which means I am asking you to hold on just a bit longer for me to make the announcement. I know, I know; I am a horrible tease… I’ll try to get it done tonight so I can make the official announcement — and share the stories!

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