Strange Lingerie News

On “Porn, drugs, lingerie and a shootout with police”, a man apparently went nuts:

Arquero’s wife told police she discovered that her husband hadn’t gone to work Monday and arrived home to find the front door blocked by a couch, according to the search-warrant affidavit. When his wife entered the house another way, she found Arquero inside, “nude and wearing women’s lingerie,” the affidavit states.

“She also observed that he had pornography videos playing on the television and other picture-type pornography out,” the affidavit says. “He also had a picture of her daughter, his stepdaughter, out and on display next to the pornography.

When the couple began to argue (as one might expect), it became ‘physical’ and he grabbed his handgun, chambered a round, pinned his wife to the wall and refused to let her go. She somehow managed to escape and called the police. After a four hour stand-off involving shots fired at the police and teargas, the high-on-cocaine man walked out & gave himself up.

For the last year James Arquero has worked at the Santa Fe County Youth Development Program as a “life-skills worker,” the equivalent of a corrections officer at the juvenile jail. Due to this event he was fired.

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