Maternity & Breastfeeding Lingerie

Every mom to be complains that while pregnant she must dress like a baby with bows and pastels or otherwise feel less than sexy (unless she’s extremely wealthy). Bella Diosa has changed that with their maternity lingerie, which can be worn even after birth, but what about breastfeeding moms?

When I was a new mom, my options were utilitarian cotton bras which looked and felt more like diapers than lingerie. I hated them and couldn’t wait to be free of them. But just look what Condessa has made!

Pretty, pretty bras of lace and other details which make them as sexy as can be — and with all the practical functions a breastfeeding mom needs.

The Cassandra bras come in many colors, with many matching panty styles, and soon the company will be adding a new line with more colors and features as well.

The new collection, Condessa Veronica, will be in metallic hues of Copper, Silver, Pearl, and Chocolate. And they will have a smooth and sleek design made from of soft, light & stretchy Milliskin.

Milliskin is 18% spandex, allowing supportive stretch and fabric recovery which allows for milk let-down while wearing a true cup size.

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