Your Comfort Makes Him Uncomfortable

Esquire gives relationship advice including help regarding lingerie:

How do I tell her, “It’s not you, it’s not your body — it’s those enormous four-year-old cotton underpants that are killing me”?

Exactly like that. It’s direct, compelling, grammatically sound, tactful, but with a drop of levity. You’d do well to type it out, put it in an envelope, and mail it to yourself as proof of authorship. Might I make a small suggestion, however? Consider losing underpants. It has a weird juvenile implication. Undies is better. Of course, say any of this only after you’ve bought her a whole new set — and then only if she presses you for an explanation. As always, make honesty your last resort.

The cumulative affect of the advice makes me doubt any of this is to be taken seriously, but I have to say I do not advise this approach. ;)

But it is something which should be discussed. Like spinach in her teeth, she may be embarrassed but she wants to know. But tell her in a positive way. Tell her how you’d like to see her in something more sexy because that’s how you see her — as your sex kitten, your lover, your baby. And bringing her a gift is a good idea — or suggest shopping with her to pick out something special.

Ladies, it may only seem like a new pair of panties, but it can be a new lease on life for you as well as for him.

Photo of the Turquoise Satin & Black Lace Bustier Set from the Sex Kitten Lingerie Boutique.

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