Under My Tree: In Which I Tell You About My Gifts

I’ve selected three of my favorite gifts to dish about. Each is very different, requiring an entry to itself, but I begin tonight with the raciest of them all: “Hollywood” Crotchless Panties by Cameo Intimates.

As you know, one of my complaints about vintage panties are that many times all the frills don’t lay nicely under today’s fashions, but since this panty has the best in vintage looks married to the benefits of modern makers, these are wonderful.

These full cut black panties with garters have a wonderful floral pattern fabric (and a pretty white embroidered heart accent). They feel sexy on because the soft silky fabric has a little built in control so they hug you — and they look sexy on because they give a nice smooth line under clothes.

But I know you are dying to hear about what’s missing… the crotchless part.

Why did I ask hubby for crotchless panties?

Well, as you know, I have this thing for open bottom girdles. The delights of access to erotic relief without having to completely undress, thus being allowed to keep my lingerie lovelies on, is a passion of mine which can reduce me to complete idiocy. (I say ‘idiocy’ because how many of these can a woman really wear? First you have to have a dress or skirt — not just any skirt, but one which can deal with garters & stockings — and an occasion to wear it. But more on that some other time.)

Being so smitten with open bottom girdles, the idea of crotchless lingerie has its appeal for the same reasons. But I’m still no lingerie-in-a-box (or worse yet, a bag!) girl. I want style.

So here’s a pair of full cut briefs, complete with vintage glam, which allows for more wearing opportunities — under pants, jeans and skirts.

No need to ask hubby why he purchased them, right? *wink*

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