Lingerie in the Library

Students in Harvard’s Dudley Coop make library study breaks by taking off clothes and sitting in their undergarments. This pre-finals tradition drew police and media attention.

Student Anne-Marie Zapf-Belanger wrote that she participated both in the Lamont Library study break and the Primal Scream on the night before her final to relieve stress by running and screaming saying, “The nudity is just icing on top of that. Naked icing.”

I dare say that lingerie is the real naked icing.

Anne-Marie, who has apparently been in some sexy hot water before — not the hot tub kind, but via Craig’s List — also went on to say, “I don’t actually find it necessarily sexy to take off my clothes in a library.”

Just you wait, Anne-Marie… If you are very lucky the thrill of lingerie and books will arrive. It’s a sexy combination.

(For beginners, or those who can imagine what lies beneath, check out Swedish Librarians.)

Photo via PhotosToGo.

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