(Still) Modern Girls

GlamKitty, aka DeeDee at SK (keep up, will ya?) has re-posted her review of 80’s B-film Modern Girls — now it’s at a less racy site, so those who may have been phobic (lazy?) regarding reading it when I posted it before can get it now.

I know you didn’t read it. If you had, you’d surely comment.

Classic lingerie moments:

Cliffie meets Margo & CeCe for the first time. CeCe opens the door wearing nothing but a cami & tap pants and wet toenail polish, so she walks funny. She of course talks his ear off, serves him wine and leaves him to resume her dressing for evening — and to talk to Margo.

Margo, who was in the bath when the doorbell rang, stands in the hallway with a face full of green mud mask and an animal print robe. I don’t know if Cliffie remembers the mug mask.

The clips, especially the club clips, in this review are dear to my heart because I too remember my young & wild days in the 80’s, hangin’ with my girls.

If you’re a big fan, check out the recently updated moderngirlsmovie.com.

It’s great to see that Daphne Zuniga still looks great in lacy black slips (or so I imagine from her website) and that she’s still considered a celebrity — at least enough to warrant nipple slip photo postings.

I hope she’ll make more movies because she’s sexy & funny. (Remember her in Space Balls?)

Virginia Madsen was so hot in the 80’s, but she never became the ‘big actress’ I thought she’d be — until recently. I don’t know if this was planned on her part, like she had kids and a family & opted to work less, if she matured and folks started seeing her as more than a pretty girl, or if 80’s nostalgia made her more desirable to a certain demographic or whatnot…

Then again, maybe she waited to bloom:

“Ever since I was 10 years old, I really didn’t think my career would happen until I was in my 40s, because I think in my 10-year-old mind I thought actresses like Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck, to me, looked like they were in their 40s.”

She was wonderful in Sideways — made me cry. (I’ve never seen Gotham, but apparently she’s nude in that one…)

Which brings us to Cynthia Gibb. Mostly on TV, she seemed to be more visible (to me) than Madsen was.

Perhaps the most memorable flick for fans of this blog is her role in Gypsy.

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