While this blog is a joy, there are some tasks which remind me of housekeeping chores — like keeping up with the sidebar links.

Like dusting, you have to deal with each one, spruce it up (make sure it still works etc) and if you’re anything like me, you have to rearrange things, give it a new look. So you’ll likely notice at least one change to the old sidebar here throughout the day.

Looking for a good photo to use with this post, I found the wonderful Judy Eliyas whose personal work speaks to me prompting me to post three of my favorites here.

The first one made me laugh out loud and clap — no easy feat. Then again, neither is the moxy to wear your sheer peignoir, pretty polka-dot gloves, and hang our plastic baggies on the laundry line to dry.

(I am soooo doing this this summer!)

The second is a very interesting way to wash your lettuce. (Now that’s a salad spinner.)

Judy is a genius.

You can find out more about the artist here.

Since I’m in housewife mode, here are a few notes I’ll post to the fridge for you to read:

* I’m working on round two of the cross dressing book interviews; I should have them done this week.

If you are a cross dresser or erotica writer you may also be interested to note that there’s a call for submissions for erotic cross dressing stories.

* Today’s the last day for submissions for my lingerie erotica contest — don’t delay!

I’m so looking forward to printing them out, taking a bath then slipping into my favorite vintage black slip (with a wide swath of lovely wedding lace at the hem), pouring myself a glass of wine, and then reading them… One by one… Until hubby returns from work (about 9 p.m.). Then I’ll read to him, torture him — then finish the evening off properly — and not by washing lettuce ;)

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