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Is it just me, or does American Eagle lingerie sound as appealing as military issue or surplus lingerie?

Sustainable apparel design is what I’ve been doing all these years, and never knew it. I just thought it was practical…

In related article from the UK, here are a few interesting facts on used clothing:

Textiles make up 3 per cent of the average household bin.

100 million black bagfuls of textile waste goes into UK landfill every year.

50 per cent of these textiles could be recycled through clothes banks (which currently operate at only 25 per cent capacity), charity shops or jumble sales.

Over 70 per cent of the world’s population use second-hand clothes.

If each person in the UK purchased one item of clothing made from recycled wool, it would save the nation 371 million gallons of water, 480 tonnes of chemical dyes and 4,571 million days of an average family’s electricity needs.

No wonder it has such a big name as sustainable design.

And last but not least, here’s an article about ‘being posh’ at least one night a year. I agree with many of the sentiments, but obviously don’t think one night a year is enough — what are your thoughts?

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