Looking at Marilyn

I could say that I’ve never given Marilyn Monroe much thought — but that would be a lie.

Like many women, I’ve looked at Marilyn’s movies, read the books, worn lingerie with her name (trademarked) on it, and spent what some would call too many hours thinking about her. I own at least 6 biographies, several DVD sets of her films, and a few videos about her so I can’t argue my thoughts are passing — I’m rather commited. (I just had a thought: If I were to add up all my Marilyn time, would it amount to a week? a month? longer?!)

I just read DeeDee’s review of The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe and I’m experiencing mixed emotions…

On one hand I’m soooo getting this book; but on the other, does this mean I am really just part of the dehumanizing mob?

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