Julianna Rae

Julianna Rae says “Our story begins with you” but we all know there’s more to it than that — at the very least, who is behind Julianna Rae?

The answer is Juli Lee, a woman using, in part, her knowledge from computer science and management studies at MIT.

While Lee started in the apparel industry at Victoria’s Secret, it’s rather clear from her site (and product sizes) that she’s not falling for the ‘perfect body’ syndrome:

Lee’s products are geared for what she calls “the more established body.” Unlike many major clothing designers, she doesn’t use perfectly proportioned models for her designs. The result is a much better fit for her clientele.

She’s put much thought into her bras:

…first, each bra size gets specialized components that work precisely for that bra size. A different wire (with specialized shape and tension for each size), a different degree of stretch in the back netting, a different type of front strap, a different type of back strap, and so on. Second, the engineering and pattern is changed to support the changes in the body shape while keeping the styling beautiful in each size. Lastly, our bras are individually sewn by experienced crafts people who give each bra the attention and the impeccable tailoring it needs to fit perfectly and comfortably. This way, a large sized bra can maintain the beautiful and delicate look of its smaller sized counterpart but have all the support and comfort it needs. And a smaller bra will have the lift and support it needs to give a natural and elegant shape without the use of bulky pads.

She could use a few more bra styles, and some corsetry looks if not corsets themselves, but perhaps these will come in time.

Her selection of robes is wonderful — more luxury than a man may think we need (but he’d be wrong!) She offers many silky, slinky styles besides the cotten-jobs.

However, Lee’s made one huge mistake: She doesn’t allow affiliates which ‘promote’ sex. (I didn’t apply, as I figured I’d just get da boot anyway.) Once again, anoher lingerie company mistakenly thinks sex is far removed from lingerie. This will limit her sales & marketing.

I think I’m going to have to write a dossier on this subject as so many lingerie companies just don’t get it.

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