Is It OK To Look Now?

Michigan’s Hamburg Historical Museum now has an “Unmen-tionables” exhibit.

“Underwear, like any of our clothing, is a reflection of our times,” Suzanne Hines, the museum director, said.

Interesting when juxtaposed against this article concerned over the status of mannequins with big breasts. As if this was the first inkling we’ve had that our culture is breast obsessed.

Why, I wonder, were we less surprised when humans bumped-up their boob-sizes than when the plastic creatures did?

Interestingly the history exhibit article states:

Unlike the new Victoria’s Secret in Green Oak Township — or the adults-only Intimate Ideas store in Brighton, for that matter — the museum hasn’t received complaints about displaying the revealing underwear. To date, there have been no protests.

I guess the guise of historical merit makes this lingerie suitable for public view and consumption. One marvels that such a distinction needs to be made for an item you need not be carded to purchase. Like nudes in an art museum are different than nudes hanging on the walls in your home. One marvels that we need ‘someone’ to tell us what is appropriate.

I wonder, if the new bog-boobed-mannequins were used for the museum exhibit, would it make a difference?

Of course the vintage lingerie wouldn’t fit big-boobs-McGee the mannequin, now would it?

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