Too Old To Blog?

I’m beginning to feel like the world’s oldest fashion blogger.

Carissa says dior is the new erotica (and with no caps yet!), which was intriguing, but the look she finds erotic reminds me too much of Cher & her Sanctuary catalog. Which I suppose could be erotic, but really is this something one can wear, let alone to strike a position in? Ergo, both my years and grammar (not my strong suit) show.

Candy has a truly wicked sense of humor — and some photoshop skills I can only dream of, but sadly, where’s the love? She must have more time on her hands to follow celebs in such a detailed fashion. Ergo, I am an old busy mom.

Ma Petite Chou loves babydolls but she wants them as dresses and tops. She mentions the 60’s look — which I can revisit in my family photo albums if not remember outright. I personally think that any woman over the age of 25 wearing such a look is begging to be asked her age in defiance. Yes, I am old enough to point out the dangers of dressing younger than your years — it’s the only real perk in being an old lady who would have it pointed out to her *wink*

After visiting those, and a dozen or so blogs that weren’t even original enough for me to spot a personality behind the picture-posting shoppers, I was beginning to think I’m too old for the fashion beat, outdated.

A very surreal experience.

But then I realized there are women, many women, who even if younger than springtime will scream if we hear one more time the following phrases:

White will be HOT this summer. (When has white not been a popular summer color? For that matter, why push a color change on me at anytime?)

This season’s must have item! (We know seasons change, but our style doesn’t need to. And if I don’t have it, what will happen? Will I die?)

It’s back again! (As if we haven’t already lived long enough to know — and perhaps see — everything come back.)

We don’t want anyone to tell us what to wear — not designers who either have forgotten what a real woman looks like or just hate anyone so freakishly large as to wear a size 6 or more; not retailers and fashion mags who only want to profit off us — and keep us neurotic enough to buy more and more again and again; not cute, adorable bloggers who, as well-intentioned as they may be, simply haven’t been alive long enough to see through the fashion which is sold to us and find their own style. God bless the latter, and boo-hisses to the first two.

Maybe I am needed.

PS I realize that the bloggers I mentioned (and linked to) as well as their fans are likely to find me hateful. Really, I don’t dislike them — I did give them each kudos & I linked to them. My point is they are young and trendy; I am older and believe in individual style. Perhaps it could be said they are fashion flexible and I am set in my ways. Tomato, tomatoe.

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