Not Sucking Up, Honest

Well, all the starter set Q & A for the CD book have been sent — if you didn’t receive yours, please email me at slipofagirl_at_gmail dot com asap. Many thanks again to Gracie for the gig.

On a related note, CyberSpaceBabes, which I’ve just added to the sidebar ‘cuz it’s too cool, posted Manties & More Men in Panties — which is notable not just it mentions this blog, but because she’s been thinking about men in panties too… Complete with a poll! So stop on over, read and vote. The results are interesting…

And I promise I’m not sucking up, but I have to point out a few things regarding Ms Gracie:

She’s just started The Marketing Whore, and I love this post about the types of folks on the Internet. Seems I might just be a whore myself lol

And while this lady is cool, the poor dear “suffers” with an Arrogant Penis. She’s so right; I’m not crying for her. *wink*

So by now you’ve noticed the big ol’ button on the left of this here post… Click it and vote for Sex-Kitten.Net as the Best Overall Sex Blog and Best Couple/Group Sex Blog.

Do it because they are; do it because I ask you to. :batting lashes: Pretty please?

Of course, that means I could be Best Female Sex Blog, right? *wink*

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