Lingerie Model Is No Lady

Lingerie model Amanda Wyatt is due to appear in Nashville, Tennesse, criminal court on an aggravated assault charge:

An eyewitness affidavit states that Wyatt was the “primary aggressor” in an altercation with another woman at a Nashville bar in March 2005. The witness says Wyatt knocked the victim to the ground, grabbed her hair and also kicked her. At the time, Wyatt admitted to getting into the middle of a fight but denied “any physical violence toward the victim,” court papers say. Even so, Wyatt was arrested.

This isn’t Wyatt’s first run-in with the law. Wyatt pleaded guilty to an aggravated assault charge stemming from a bar brawl with another woman in 2003. According to an eyewitness affidavit, Wyatt grabbed the victim’s “hair and hit her with a bottle on the side of [her] face.” After the victim fell to the ground, Wyatt “continued to hit and kick” her.

Yikes. That’s ugly.

But the reason I deem her unladylike is the celeb gossip stuff. In a paid interview Wyatt claims that she was carrying on an affair with Keith Urban right under Kidman’s nose.

First of all, a lady never kisses and tells. Well, maybe a friend. But she does not go to the tabloids — and for money yet! They have a name for girls like that…

And I wonder if this Amanda Wyatt even exists. Every story runs a photo of Nicole, not Amanda — which makes sense in a supportive way. But do a google image search for “Amanda Wyatt” and all you get is a wedding dress designer.

Image shown is a nightgown from the Sex-Kitten Boutique.

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