Going Commando

This holiday season I was home with hubby watching VH1’s “Best Week Ever” — the episode which capped 2006 and stated that ‘Junk’ had the best year ever. No wonder with the plethora of celebrity ‘junk’ being aired in public. But it got me thinking about ladies and going commando…

I, a lingerie loving lady, do admit to going sans panties. Even in public. Before you hit me — let me explain.

There are days, few but they exist, when I don the typical pj pants (which I cannot wear to bed because they make me too warm and so I have to take them off 2-3 hours after going to bed — arg!) and wear them all day. This is less than flattering, I know. But this ‘comfort’ isn’t about pure comfort…

See, as a mom, I can’t just prance about in my scanties, vintage or not. I can’t just leap out of bed and appear in the hallway or bending over a coughing child’s bed wearing my lovelies. I’d love to, but the current culture dictates that our children not see our bodies. I plan on writing an entire column about this whole phemom, but until then, just accept the fact that pj bottoms are practical.

I keep them at the end of the bed so that I can stumble into them as I head for the (closed) bedroom door & make my way to the wail of a child or the call of the wild.

In the morning, when nature calls, I stumble (and grumble) into them — and since I work from home, I sometimes keep them on all day. Now, I also argue that since I do wear nylon panties often, I am aware that for health reasons my vagina needs to breath; a commando pjs day allows for this.

I have also, on occasion, traded my pj bottoms for jeans and headed to the grocery store or to pick up a child from school (I’ve also done the latter in my commando pjs :blush:). But in no way have I ever gone commando in a skirt and gone out in public. (Though open bottom girdles etc is another tale, and I promise to get to it soon — along with dishing about my holiday gifts!)

And when this girl wears a skirt, long or short, she always minds her knees. No one in public should be able to detect let alone see what I do or don’t wear ‘under there’.

However, going commando is quite liberating and quite an interesting contrast to my girdles, garters and stockings… As is a day when I go bra-less. Contrasts in being bound & being free are part of how I play with my senses.

Liberated lingerie does a fine job covering the trend of bare crotches, so I needn’t go into it further. But I would like to say that I do know other ‘real women’ who go about without panties — but never have I glimpsed anything like the celebs seem to be so willing to display.

Going commando does not mean you are a bad girl; but a lack of class does.

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