A Woman Scorned

Seems the break-up between Whitney & Bobby may have much to do with money.

Whitney’s to auction off more than 300 items from her 1999 world tour, including grand pianos, drum kits, a vintage barber chair and bustiers (including the black velvet bustier shown here).

Speed of Sound, a company that has been storing and tending to the gear, went to court in May after not receiving payments from Houston’s company, Nippy Inc, for a year. The company is now owed 5,000 to 0,000 (the latter must be a typo, hmm?) The auction funds raised will go to Nippy, which I’m guessing is how they will pay their debt to Seed.

So if you want Whitney’s bustier (and/or other designer frills), get the to the auction.

But the main reason I post this, naughty me, is this bit: She’s “divorcing singer Bobby Brown after 14 stormy years of marriage. Some of his music awards will be on the same auction block.”

Wow. That’s cold. Even for a Diva.

But I guess if you’ve got to sell your undies to pay your bills, hubby’s gotta pay too. *wink*

For more mocking, read Gawker.

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