I’m Back for 2007

Wow, I feel famous!

Thanks to all of you who wrote, sent holiday cards, and posted that you missed me — what a wonderful welcome back!

In truth, I never intended to take a leave here, but family obligations during the holiday times consumed me so that I couldn’t find time to post. Believe me, I tried. (Any attempts to log-on were met with cries of, “But it’s family time!” And I was referred to as ‘an Internet addict’ at every family gathering. :sigh: All this even when I didn’t actually post!)

I missed you all terribly, and I feel sorry for the lingerie withdrawal many of you wrote that you suffered through in my silence. I’ll do my best to gather my lingerie news & views ASAP.

Before I go though, I have one holiday story to share…

As I mentioned in another post, finding nylon panties for little girls is rough. So rough, that I discovered my 10 year old niece has been suffering with cotton her entire life! That’s a decade of cotton, folks, and nearly unimaginable to me.

This was discovered via a conversation about holiday pajamas. My 6 year old was wonding (complaining) that “every year” he gets “stuck with jammies”. We adults explained that little boy p’s are only sold at holiday time, and my, aren’t they cute! He was unimpressed (until bedtime when he had to wear the new Disney Cars p’s), but my niece chimed in that she “lives” for Christmas to get “loads of nighties” because that’s when her mom and others are able to find silky nylon gowns and p’s for her. My niece, Nikki, knows this because she is constantly bugging my sister for such nighties and whenever they go shopping and she knows how hard they are to find. (Go Nikki!) I, however, had no idea that she didn’t have nylon panties; Nikki didn’t even know they made such things!

Of course, now that I knew she was being deprived I had to set out and try to find some for her.

This was not easy as Nikki is very petite — just 50 pounds of strawberry blonde cuteness about 4 feet tall. So she won’t fit in any women’s smalls; she requires real kids’ sizes. I went to every damn store in the area — from Wal-Mart to department stores — and finally found some at Target. They are still a tad too big, but they won’t fall off.

So, last week, I went to her house and gave them to her as an extra surprise from Auntie. Even though they weren’t fancy, she just loved them. Of course, my sister rolled her eyes & mumbled about having to try to find more, but Nikki and I just laughed because we both were happy. (My sister never did appreciate lingerie anyway.)

If there is any point to this public telling, it’s that those in the lingerie industry need to make nylon panties for little girls. (You sure do make a lot of boyshorts and ‘whore’ panties in cotton blends. Ugh.) Little girls & young ladies like to feel special too.

(And before any one dare post about the health concerns of nylon panties and how Nikki — and I — ought to wear cotton panties, let me say that I promise, we both make sure our vaginas have time to breath. But thank you for worrying. *wink*)

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