A Job For Moi?

Frederick’s of Hollywood & the less sexy sister company Movie Star (the company which supplies non-sexy lingerie to department store chains and Wal-Mart) are restructuring in an unusual way.

The kicker is this line: Both companies will report to the chairman of the new holding company, a position that has not yet been named.

I’d jump up and down and say “O-O-O Mr. Kotter” but then I’d not only have two black eyes (as I am wearing a sheer, non-supportive bra today) but let go of my dreams for my own lingerie company. I still hope that a wealthy backer will appear here and we’ll sort out all the details as I make my own fabulous line of lingerie…

Santa, you know I’ve been good this year; how about a financier for little ol’ me? :batting lashes:

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