Big Boobs Are A Bust

Normally I love my 36 DD’s, but on days like today I just hate them. Well, maybe not hate my breasts… But I hate that I can’t fit into so many vintage lingerie pieces.

For example, check out this heart breaker:

Nothing but lovely — and too small for my girls. :sigh:

Sheer black nylon chiffon over the black lace bralet and straps which tie at shoulder with satin bows. Made by Vanity Fair, but I ask you: Is it fair?

I want to scream & stamp my feet. Wait. I did scream and stamp my feet (the cat was not happy and the dog went to hide).

Why-O-why does this have to happen? Why must I find, see and know this fabulous item exists only to learn I can never wear it. (That’s rhetorical, I know.)

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