Cross Dressing Fantasies

Via Cyber Space Babes’ post on Men in Panties I was reminded of my promise to mention one part of cross dressing that I find sexy. Before I get into that, this is the link that started that Cyber Space Babes post — videos for Patriot Briefs.

OK, now for my thoughts on men in women’s panties — But I feel I should warn you that what follows is rather adult, so if you aren’t interested in male cross dressers, stop reading now.

As you know, I had no experience with male cross dressers prior to this blog. Thanks to those who have shared themselves here, I am learning. However, as will happen when you begin to think about things, sometimes the thoughts rattle ’round your noggin and pop out at you at their whim. The other day I had such an incident.

I was searching through my panty drawer when my hands discovered a sheer pair of black vintage panties. I decided I wanted pink sheer panties in this same style (and by this I mean I noted that I’d need to head to eBay etc to find some). I fantasized a bit about how pretty the panties would be, how they would feel on, and how with sheer pink you would nearly see everything beneath them anyway…

Then BING! I suddenly ‘saw’ those sheer pink vintage panties with an erect penis inside them.

Rock hard, projecting outward, it strained the fabric of the sheer material into more than the usual tent, but seemed to threaten the delicate nylon. That was HOT. Then my mind put that hard-on into a pair of pantyhose and the same thing happened — the image of maleness straining such feminine attire was pretty good looking… In my mind anyway.

(I did a search on Google, and I found this photo, from Men Wearing Panties Club, to serve as an example.)

I did mention this to my husband, who seemed pained at the idea. I believe he used the word ‘feminization’ and it was clear he thought I was turned on by ‘forcing him’ to wear such things. I want to be clear here, for him & others, that I was not turned on by any preamble of how that cock made it into those panties but rather by the whole image of them there. In other words, I assumed the penis and the penis person were in those panties by choice and liked it. (Hey, the hard-on told me so!)

Again, it’s the display of male strength & testosterone struggling proudly against the constraints of something so incredibly female. I’m sure I could get nearly the same turn-on factor if hubby slid his hard-on beneath sheer panties I was wearing… Maybe that’s an even bigger turn-on due to the contact… I’ll leave that for now and get back to my point.

Click to see Delia CD So, here I am more than intellectually intrigued by at least one aspect of cross dressing. But it leaves me with questions…

If you men wear girly things to feel feminine, would such a vibrant display of your manhood be counterproductive? Does cross dressing arouse — and if so, is such arousal unwanted because it ‘ruins the look’ of what you are trying to achieve? Do you tuck & hide it, or love how you stand up at attention?

Your answers won’t ruin my fantasies. (And I hope my questions don’t ruin yours!)

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