Bra Care Tips

Bra experts say that putting a bra on backwards to hook it up, then twisting it around to the front, is a no-no. They say this puts undue stress on the band. I often still do it anyway, as you know. *wink*

It is said that bras be washed after the third wear or so; more so in warm weather or other high perspiration times.

After being worn, bras will stretch. Properly washing them will help them regain their original shape. However, if you wear them too often between washings they can stretch more than can be recovered in washing. For this reason, experts recommend having three or four bras for one week’s wear. If you have a favorite ‘daily work bra’ or some such, buy several of them so you can rotate them & give them proper care.

Experts recommend bras be handwashed as washing machine cycle tosses the bra around and wears out the fabric as well as mangles the underwires (or makes them cut their way out of the fabric). A lingerie bag in the gentle cycle will help, though, should you tire of handwashing. Be sure to do the hooks up before you put it in the bag and use a solid, not mesh, lingerie laundry bag.

Bras should drip or air dry; never use the dryer (unless a manufacturer should suggest such a thing) as the heat ruins fabric, underwires and strap adjusters alike.

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