Take A Gander at Victorian Cross Dressing

Via this post at New Century Notebook I bring you some evidence of what appears to be Victorian cross dressing.

This is from one of the diaries of Robert Francis Kilvert aka Rev. Francis Kilvert, dated June 9, 1875:

Foxham seems to be in a sad state ecclesiastically. Mrs Peglin told us that the Curate, Mr Rivett-Carnac, who walks about in a cassock, was attacked one day by their gander which tore a grievous rent in his ‘pettitcoats’. He said he should tell his friends what a ‘ferocious house gaurdian’ Mrs Peglin kept. ‘Perhaps, Sir,’ suggested the old lady slyly, ‘the gander was excited by some peculiarity in the dress'”.

I suppose Victorian judgements from a religious man would be quite interesting reading; too bad upon his death family burned most of his diaries.

I’m not saying this makes you a Kilvert fan, but if it does there is a Kilvert Society that you can join.

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