Play Wear Vs Day Wear

Ricky confesses he’s here to learn…

Hi Slip of a Girl,
I’ve noticed in your blog you refer to things as ‘play wear’ vs ‘day wear’. Care to elaborate?

Sure, Ricky.

It all really comes down to purpose and comfort level.

Day Wear is lingerie worn daily, like bras and panties, which are practical but are not designed to be seen.

Sometimes, this may mean camisoles, slips and pantyhose. Occasionally, this includes shapers, garter belts, stockings and other items worn for special occasions. But for most women, most of the time, day wear is ‘underwear’. This would also ironicly include sleepwear, such as sleepshirts, pj’s, flannel nighties, and other items made for comfortable sleeping. Also bath robes fall into this category. Anything made of cotton is day wear, no matter how bright, colorful or cute it may be, is day wear.

Play Wear is lingerie worn to be seen.

It’s for entertaining purposes, be it to entertain the one who wears it or another who is lucky enough to see it. This would include bra & panty sets too bright or decorated or uncomfortable to be worn with street clothing (or all day), as well as leather and other fabrics which make the lingerie less practical. Most vintage or vintage styled lingerie (girdles, corsets, merrywidows, teddies, garters, stockings, etc) falls into this category as post New Look fashions have rendered them obsolete so they exist only to please. Lingerie worn beneath clothes just for the visual effect later that day or night also falls into this category — like demi & balconette bras worn not for the neckline of your top but for the jaw dropping reaction later. Most sleepwear falls into this category as well, for open-front baby doll nighties, peignoirs, negligees, and most nightgowns are (today) normally worn when there’s company or the spouse is gettin’ lucky that night.

A rule of thumb: if you’d consider wearing marabou feathered slippers with it, it’s play wear. (Unless it’s leather, because leather & feathers are generally a no-no.)

I could also confuse you by saying:

* A thong worn by day is only day wear if worn to avoid panty lines, not to be seen as a whale tail. Any thong worn at night is play wear because who finds flossing while sleeping comfortable?

* Loungewear, pj sets of satin and silk designed to be worn while entertaining at home, is day wear because these sets are designed for comfort and modesty. (Sort of like fancy jog suits, these are quasi-lingerie anyway.)

* A silk bathrobe can be called play wear if you wear it to leave your apartment to get your mail, but a big fluffy cotton bathrobe, no matter where or when it is worn, is day wear.

* Men’s smoking jackets, because they are rare and show effort, are play wear. Even if you are lounging about at home alone.

* Crotchless panties, no matter how practical, are play wear. But crotchless bodystockings are simply practical day wear — unless that is all that is worn.

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