Your Lingerie Wardrobe

In her article, How to Build a Lingerie Wardrobe, the owner of a organizing service wrote:

1. T-shirt bras-the molded cup style so that there is no patterns or bulges showing through your t-shirts or sweaters;
2. a tank top bra for under sleeveless shirts;
3. a strapless or convertable bra;
4. at least one thong, brief, and boy short to match each bra – a ratio of 2-3 panties per bra. I think that wearing un-matching panties and bras is like wearing a blue shoe on one foot and a black on another;
5. a cotton camisole set (tank and boy short) for sleeping;
6. a fancy camisole set for show and maybe to wear under evening clothes;
7. a control brief/bodysuit for jiggle control for certain outfits. I rarely wear these because they tend to be uncomfortable and hot. However, they occasionally have their place.

I hate to argue with the owner of this business, but I think she greatly underestimates the needs of lingerie lovers. (And if it were as simple as her list, would we even need help organizing it?) Here’s my point-by-point rebuttle:

Points 1 through 3 are fine — as long as she is inferring that you’d have several colors of each. But where are the sports bras, low-cut bras and those for special necklines? Bras for seduction aren’t even mentioned!

Point 4 makes sense somewhat, for manufacturers suggest you wash your bra after wearing it three times (not after each wearing), but it’s really only a starting point. First, one has to change to word ‘matching’ to ‘coordinating’. If you own and wear vintage lingerie, you are damn lucky to have the bra but the matching panty may forever ellude you. So coordinating is a good thing. And as panties have as many versions as bras, my second point is that you need more than 2-3 options. You’ll need coordinating panties which each address different things. Some are for control issues, others for avoiding panty lines, and others for other practical reasons such as comfort or that time of the month. And of course, some vintage panties are required just for fun (which may limit your visible clothing choices as mentioned here).

Point 5, regarding sleepware, is woefully neglegent. Does this person only deal with girls who live in dorm rooms?! Where are the baby dolls? The gowns? The nighties with matching robes? Even if you only consider these items ‘play wear’, what about sleep shirts, pjs and flannel gowns?

Point 6 is rather surprising — after the first 5 points I didn’t expect to see her mention foundation garments at all — but lacking. Camisoles and slips (full and half slips) are mandatory. You need a minimum of 3 colors (black, white and beige) because some slips will show either at the hemline or through the fabric. Based on your wardrobe you may also require camisoles and/or slips in red, navy, pink etc. Slips also have differing lengths, just like skirts and dresses. Oh, and don’t forget slits! Side slits on suit skirts, wide back slits, floor-length skirts with slits, deep slits, long slits… You may need several black slips just to deal with the slits. Camisoles and full slips can have similar issues as bras as far as straps and necklines go. One set? Sheesh!

Point 7 addresses control foundation garments (or body shapers for you young kids), but again, she’s sadly overlooking not only the needs of those of us who love these garments, but the fact that one shaper or girdle isn’t enough. As with bras and slips, one white shaper isn’t going to be enough. And if you own an all-in-one shaper, be it vintage or modern, you may need several styles — strapless, convertable etc.

She also completely overlooks hose. Even if you don’t wear stockings you’ll have socks, thigh-highs, tights, and pantyhose. Some hose also will have features that need to be considered, requiring more than one style. Do you want hose with seams? How about control top pantyhose — and will those pannels that control the hips and thighs be visible with short skirts? And what about bodystockings? Not an oft-used bit of hosiery, I’ll admit, but it does have practical applications beside being sexy playwear. Whatever hose you chose, you’ll need it in different colors. Lots of colors. And patterns and textures too.

If you do wear stockings, you’ll need garter belts and foundation garments with and without — or having detachable — garters. This affects, at a minimum, points 4 and 7.

And she makes no mention of play wear or fun options such as leather, crotchless panties, or corsetry… My wardrobe isn’t complete without those.


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