Thinking About Jo Anne Worely’s Underwear

Today at The Unholy Trinity a found a link called “She’d collect nude photos of Jo Anne Worley if they were available.” Naturally, I had to go see that. *wink*

The link was at Silent Porn Star’s blog entry titled What I Learned About Sex From Laugh-In.

(I’m a huge fan of Silent Porn Star, the blog “where the collector is anonymous, but sex history is not”, so I recommend you check it out often.)

I too had memories of Laugh-In. I was young & so it was on past my bedtime, but mom would make a deal with me… If I would go to bed right away so that my little sister would go to bed quickly, mom would come back in to get me for the show. Typically my sister was the one awake, not I; but I did get to see it enough times to think I saw every episode.

I too loved Jo Anne Worley. Since Silent Porn Star (SPS) has dished on all the sex stuff like body image, sex & the media, aging etc, I’ll take a stab at the fashions. *wink*

Worley was everything SPS said — and Worley was Glam!

Jo Anne wore such fabulous outfits — feathers, sequins, rhinestones, and feather boas. I loved them so much! While I can’t say I want to collect nude photos of Jo Anne, I did always wonder what her lingerie was like… I’d sure be interested in photos of Worley stripping from her Laugh-In wardrobe to her lingerie…

Goldie, when not in her sock-it-to-me bikini, wore ultra mod fashions. I knew what was underneath her clothes: those hipster bikini panties (maybe even commando?). But no fine lingerie. So yeah, if the question isn’t “Maryanne or Ginger?”, but “Goldie or Jo Anne?”, I’d have to say Jo Anne.

In their fashions you see the not so subtle battle of the generations. Often Jo Anne was painted as ‘the establishment’ in 50’s and early 60’s glam (aka Fashion’s New Look becoming ‘the old look’), while Goldie was literally painted to be the natural and free swingin’ attitude of the late 60’s and 70’s. In some ways Joanne was the parody, Goldie the ideal.

In hindsight, one can also argue that Goldie’s ideal of simplistic, natural, innocent free love was not as golden as she — but I’ll leave that for some other blogger to do.

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