Lingerie, The Women Who Wear It — And The Men Who Appreciate It

A new reader here at Slip of a Girl wrote an email, which I have his permission to share:


I have just encountered your blog, which as an aficionado of vintage underpinnings and the women who wear them I found very enticing.

Of course, it set me wondering a bit more about you and how your passion developed. I’m a straight man in my early 40s and suspect my passion for women in stockings and corsets and the like stems from the allure of various screen goddesses and in particular seeing Cabaret for the first time. It always seems somewhat at odds with my basic support for the tenets of feminism, but these days, compared with the early 80s say, I think women seem more comfortable that they can both indulge the sensual and the sexual with being strong and independent.

Have you ever written about the first time you donned a piece of vintage underwear? I can remember the first time I ran my hand up a nyloned leg to encounter the bump of a suspender and the smooth flesh of ‘the paradise strip’ between stocking welt and knicker lace and how my heart beat faster… and the frisson of getting a made to measure corset made for my wife and pulling the laces tight. If you’ve not written about how wearing particular things makes you feel and what has happened when you’ve worn them, you should.

Best wishes, Rx

It’s lovely to read this, for several reasons — but first I must address his questions, yes? This is what I wrote:

I’ve not yet written on my first vintage lingerie experiences yet (I’m slowly working there), but I have written about my beginning love affair with lingerie itself: Making of a Slip of a Girl, Part One and Making of a Slip of a Girl, Part Two.

This is a bit more ‘generalist’ but also is part of things.

And I have a piece, Where Have All The Lingerie Loving Women Gone?, at which may be relevant to this conversation.

(I am literally working now on a follow up piece for the latter based on discussion.)

As for writting about how wearing lingerie makes me feel, I do believe I do this often here at the blog — but I will make sure to concentrate on it more.

When I wrote him to get permission to publish this here at the blog, he replied positively (or it wouldn’t appear here) and wrote this gem:

It’s funny but my love for lingerie is still somewhat private, though I’m sure most men love seeing a semi-revealed woman, and just sending this message has something of the confessional about it mixed in with an elicit thrill.

What a wonderful sentiment, “confessional”. In honor of Rx, I am now going to refer to all emails as confessionals *wink*

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