No Trouble: An Erotic Lingerie Story

I teased, now here it is —

No Trouble by Jeremy Edwards

You’ve certainly gone to a lot of trouble, my love.

Waiting until everything had been cleared out of the room–even the appliances–so that the remodeling could begin. (Re-modeling. Modeling again. As you now model yourself anew, for me.)

Most of the appliances are now represented merely by massive holes in the wall. But the air conditioner has been left in the middle of the room–at your request.

Then there are all those absurd, smaller holes. I could never manage to impress upon you that, when dealing with drywall, one needs to find the stud before one tries to hammer one’s nails. You would always just stroke my chest and claim that you’d already found the stud . . . and this, my friend, got us nowhere. Or rather, it got us all sorts of nice places that had nothing to do with driving nails. Except in a metaphoric sense.

Nor did it ever advance the cause of home improvement for me to urge you to find the “right tool” for the job.

You were not destined to be a handywoman. Oh, but how handy a woman you become, when in your element.

I can still see you, in this bare room, after everything had been removed, playing with the paint-sprayer that the carpenters had left behind. You were cheerfully drunk on our champagne when you sprayed the walls with those paint-bursts that look so much like spattered cum. “Drywall?” you cackled triumphantly. “Looks like WET-wall to me.” The stark tackiness of the stains really cracked you up like peeling paint. The room’s symphony of eyesores stands in such
contrast to your own elegance.

Ah . . . your elegance. How it is enhanced by your augmented height as you stand atop the air-conditioner in your rare lingerie. Yes, what trouble you’ve gone to, not only to display yourself in the perfect underthings, but to do it from an eclectic perch in this beyond-empty space.

You had to explain to me what an “open bottom girdle” was. By that I mean you had to tell me its name. You did not have to explain its function. I could see at once that its function was to allow you to sheath your hips in silken underwear, while leaving yourself fully available to me.

As if the availability of your fragrant cunt within this indulgent garment were not enough, you’ve gone to the trouble of procuring the kind that has laces across the back. Just gazing at your delicious ass crack as it peeks from within the laces makes me feel that I’m being pleasantly tickled, from behind my ears to the underside of my balls. I reach a finger up and tickle you in return, through the laces. As I do so, I can smell the unclothed femininity that lurks within the open girdle.

And you went to a lot of trouble in having us wait so long. I haven’t forgotten meeting up with you in the center of a vacationland city, after I’d visited the local record store. You were all miniskirt, knees, and go-go boots, and you held a small shopping bag. You’d found a vintage lingerie store, you told me. Back at the hotel, I asked to see . . . but you had bigger plans. Plans that ultimately involved waiting five months to show me your vintage lingerie, until the renovations were underway and you had a defunct air conditioner to display yourself upon in a gapingly-stark room.

How many times have we fucked since summer vacation, my orgasm-rich darling? And yet the open girdle–and this particular pair of black stockings, and the crisp, black-lace bra–were fresh out of the summer shopping bag today.

You, my dear, are dressed like a dainty shopping bag, yourself. How I long to stick my head inside and lick delicately at the confections within.

And I know that very soon, you will ask me to do so–to climb upon the carpenters’ stepstool, clutch the stocking poetry of your knees, and begin kissing my way up your sturdy thighs, past the candystripes of garter that sprout from the girdle, ever upward into the territory of your moist, feminine tenderness.

“No trouble,” I shall reply when you make this request. “No trouble at all.”

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