Lingerie for your Nails

Catch the Garter OPI, the nail polish company, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a new book called I’M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS And hundreds of other names people can’t stop talking about! — which is perfect for the company which has built itself on a decent product with really cool inspiration appeal. Why just say ‘Red’ (or worse, nail enamel 12) when you can name it Big Apple Red or Chick Flick Cherry? Why wear black nail polish when you can wear Black Satin?

Aphroditie's Pink Nightie Names like Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie, Alone at Last, Let’s See the Ring, and Catch the Garter sell ideas, desires, vignettes we can emotionally if not physically place ourselves in.

I'm Not Really a Waitress In a world where we all know we buy the idea as much if not more than the product itself, OPI was one of the first and remains the best at this concept of selling ideas. Too bad many lingerie companies don’t admit the fantasies they are selling — and that consumers raise such a fuss over the few that do.

You can get a free bottle of OPI with a $75 purchase at Goddess Within. (You’re gonna buy holiday stuff anyway…)

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