These Ain’t Grandma’s Doilies

I found this at Gloria Brame’s blog (don’t ask why I was there *wink*), and wow!

Seems that Polish grannies, unable to sell their hand-crafted doilies and table clothes, have turned to crocheting sexy lingerie.

They offer many styles of the delicate dainties and you can buy them at (so named for the tiny Polish mountain village where the ladies make the goods).

And the layering of the lace crocheted top over the lacy bra? Sooooo pretty! I don’t even mind this panty peeping above the jeans.

The handmade crochet lace is really lovely & feminine.

Here’s where they do a show-and-tell on how they make the lingerie. It’s not instructions or anything, but cool to see.

They also say to hand wash the pretty babies in temperatures not higher than 40 C, and to iron them for best results. (Good to know!)

I love, Love, LOVE how the boy short looks like fine vintage lace panties…

Just a few changes for a higher waist… and voila! Vintage Styling is yours!

ooooohh, can you imagine a whole gown in this?!

I’m so intrigued at the thought of making my own lace lingerie I may have to learn how to crochet this winter.

(Again, I am reminded of my need for a sewing circle.)

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