And Now, Some Shopping Info…

While it may be called “Black Friday”, The Bitch Girls set the record straight about its popularity.

Nevertheless, the Friday after Thanksgiving prompted DeeDee over at SK to write Retail Shopping Lessons For Beginners. It’s a satirical note to those who behave like beasts when it comes to shopping in stores — and boy, is she right.

I spent a number of years in retail, mainly in women’s wear (shoes, cosmetics, lingerie, clothing, jewelry etc) at both department stores and specialty shops. I still have the scars — and the nightmares.

My favorite line, which had me rolling for its tone — but wincing with memories, is this one:

Also, the fitting rooms are almost as good as bathrooms. Please leave your used condoms on the floor, or tampons on the hook.

Yes, people do that.

To all who gave me these scars and nightmares, the picture is for you: You can kiss my sheer-panty-covered-ass.

(It’s not a photo of me, but it works.)

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