The Ignorant CD Expert

You can learn a lot about yourself, or at least the opinions others have regarding ‘you’, by looking at who is (and how they are) linking to your blog.

I discovered that quite a number of cross dressers link to this site. It’s not surprising because as I’ve learned here, CDs are some of the most ardent lingerie lovers and among those most willing to post or email about it as well. And of course there’s the open on-going discussion about men wearing women’s clothing here. So the links neither bother or upset me. However…

As you may recall, I didn’t think/know much about cross dressing until I began this blog. It’s been very educational & interesting to hear from those who do share their experiences (and I do mean that in a ‘good’ way, not some “oh how strange” way). But I did have some concerns about starting the conversation here with posts directly addressing crossdressing.

My concerns were that #1 I am ignorant to this area and didn’t want to misrepresent myself as some sort of expert, and #2 that this blog remain focused on lingerie (which is not as neat & tidy a subject as you may imagine, but more on that later). I think I’ve done well on both those counts, but when I find so many linking here I am reminded to take pause and remind you all that I am just a girl who is willing to treat CD as part of legitimate lingerie discussion. I am not an expert.

That said, Gracie Passette has approached me to write some articles for a forthcoming book on the subject of cross dressing. Like the BDSM book, this would focus on cross dressing from the point of view of being a woman who has a lover who enjoys cross dressing — sort of a “He’s told you, now what?” type of a book. I’m extremely flattered — especially since I adore — but also really nervous. I don’t want to take on the role of expert…

Gracie has assured me that she wants my involvement precisely because I am so ignorant. *wink* She wrote: “It’s your kind openess to the subject combined with your willingness to ask the obvious and the not-so-obvious that will result in the types of articles we are looking for.”

So with that I agreed.

I will become the Ignorant Expert, unashamed of the dumb questions I will ask so that future persons will not need to. *wink*

Now I am requesting that any and all cross dressing men contact me if they’d like to participate. Michelle has graciously agreed to help me (poor dear!) and I hope some of you other ‘Slip of a Girl regulars’ and not-so-regulars will too. And by all means, if you are a woman in a relationship with a cross dresser, please contact me as well.

As I mentioned, there are quite a few sites linking to me on the topic of cross dressing. Now seems like the right time to share two of the most interesting sites/persons linking to me who have much more to say on the subject — and a much more authoritative voice with which to say it. Since this is my blog, I do however retain the right to post my own thoughts &/or questions — and invitations to participate in the book articles. *wink*

* Sweat Shop Sissy has a really insightful (and short) post about talking with his sons about his own crossdressing. For such a short post, it’s poignant and very visual (and as his other posts indicate, Sweat Shop Sissy is a gifted writer — he should enter my erotica contest, yes?). I plan on keeping an eye on this blog. (PS I am listed at a “Sissy Site” in the sidebar, making me wonder for moment if he believes I am a cross dresser lol)

* The Feminine Side of Me is a new blog and the best post is the first one I’ve linked to here. He writes of once having put away the need to dress only to find the desire return with stress. Again, it’s a new blog, but in later posts he describes his conflict and issues with self-control & there’s the potential for really understanding the push & pull of being a CD. I hope he continues to share so honestly.

(I do hope both of them watch their blog stats and notice this post — and that they’ll participate in the Ignorant Expert’s Questions. *wink*)

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