Such a Tease

My pal, erotica author Jeremy Edwards, wrote to say he wouldn’t make the deadline for the erotica contest (this prior to the extension — so we hope to secure his entry now) and he kindly wrote to tell me…

I did indeed ponder those photos, and I was inspired. Only thing is, I was inspired to the tune of 700 words, not 3,000. : ) So obviously I can’t enter the piece in the contest; but I wanted to show it to you just for fun.

Sorry again to wimp out. But you can bet I’ll be in line to see the winning story when the time comes!

your pal,

In his defense, he’s been a rather busy boy. In February, he’s going to be in this anthology from Cleis (which boldly — and accurately — gives him top author billing) and in “one or two of these” Xcite books. This of course in addition to his usual gigs at Tit-Elation (where I ‘discovered’ Jeremy) and at Clean Sheets.

I of course whined in reply, telling him that his short story “both pleases and breaks my heart” because I want more, including an official entry. *wink*

He replied, in typical Jeremy fashion, I’m so glad about the “pleasing” part (though I never want to break hearts), and left me with an open window through which I intend to drag him. But I’ll need your help.

I am going to publish Jeremy’s too-short-entry here at the blog. Not only will it serve as an excellent teaser for the contest (as well as for other things!), but it is delicious and I want you to help convince Jeremy to submit a story for the contest — your comments, I am sure, will say more than my whining *wink*

In fact, your comments will likely entice the other authors lurking here to write more erotic stories… Let them know we girls like to read, that we like to read erotica, and that we adore lingerie inspired erotic stories.

So the new ‘blog rule’ is to comment on the erotic stories and let the authors know how much you appreciate their works.

So what do you say? Are you ready to gush — err, with comments I mean (at least I think so) — Are you ready for a contest teaser?

(Yeah, now I am the tease!)

Image via Babes With Books.

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