Snarky Celeb Lingerie Gossip

Kate Moss reportedly is furious that Serena Rees ran off with The Clash bassist Paul Simonon, who happens to be married to one of Moss’s friends, so Moss may be dropping her deal with Agent Provocateur. (Yeah, well, I still don’t dig Moss.)

The Tom-Kat wedding may give birth to ‘new sexy lingerie’. Victoria Beckham (aka Posh of the Spice Girls) and Jennifer Lopez are to collaborate a lingerie range together. (Wanna make bets on which lasts longer, Tom-Kat or the lingerie line?)

I know I said Dita was dead to me, but I couldn’t resist this news: “I feel more comfortable in a Fifties slip with a couple of holes in it and a stain on the front than in a pair of sweatpants with ‘University of Whatever’ on them.” (Stained lingerie with holes isn’t a fashion statement dear, despite what you take from the press in the UK.)

If celeb lingerie news is your life, check out The Sun’s Celeb Bra Wars.

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