Lingerie is the New Chocolate

Lingerie is the New Chocolate:

Intimate apparel is an emotional purchase for women, agreed Marshal Cohen, the fashion analyst for NPD, ranking up there with chocolate, coffee, cosmetics and shoes as products that arouse feelings of attachment. “It’s one of the areas where women have decided to reward themselves for saving money in other places,” Cohen said. “Lingerie has always been that self-indulgence, self-reward and self-esteem product that just keeps gaining momentum and isn’t going away.”

Of the 85 percent of women who buy bras in the course of the year, 44 percent do so as “a treat to themselves,” according to a report by Mintel International Group, a Chicago-based market researcher.

But that’s not the only reason. Others include changing styles, new technology, publicity and better service at retailers, where salespeople like Levy help customers get the right fit.

(What can I add that wouldn’t be overkill? Nothing. *wink*)

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