Which Goes First: The Panty of The Garter?

Reading at Silent Porn Star, I followed the post about Teri Martine to her Yahoo! Group and snapped-up this photo.

I love girly photos like this one. Images of laughing women dressing (undressing?), with vintage lingerie, reminds me of the slumber parties of yesteryear…

Note, the panties seem to go over the garters in this photo.

It could be the way they were worn, for ease of powder room visits, or it could just be the photographer’s aesthetic choice.

I wear my garters over my panties (when I wear panties — I do prefer open bottom girdles without panties). It seems to be more comfortable to wear the panties beneath the garters. It may make more sense to have the panties put on last; they’d be easier to pull off. But when I visit the little girl’s room, I don’t need to remove my panties completely, just lower them enough…

I still find this image interesting for such a presentation of ‘panties last’.

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