The Skinny on Today’s Fashions

More models die of anorexia. There are several stories on this. Here’s one.

But this is an interesting post from a model who has some sane things to say…

Modeling is not a sickness… anorexia is. Apparently, a model in Spain died of being too thin. She weighed 88 pounds. I believe, at the height of my modeling, I was 110 lbs. I stand at 5’10” and really, my weight never got lower than that. Still, I would get friendly reminders from concerned fashion editors to take care of my health. I remember Bernadine Morris of the New York Times, telling me that it is OK to be thin but not if I am sick. I won’t lie to you. I starved myself sometimes, specially, before the couture collections – which happens twice a year.

From Coutorture.

Perhaps one of my favorite reasons for loving vintage fashions & lingerie is that women ‘then’ has hourglass shapes and the fashions favored/fit them. Today’s fashions? They don’t inspire. Nor do they fit. I don’t subscribe to dieting or altering my body to fit some other person’s idea of beauty. I am beautiful as I am; not 100 lbs lighter and struggling to get my poor starved frame to carry the weight of clothing.

Styles from the 40’s – early 60’s fit my curves, so it makes more sense that I would fancy these fashions rather than the ‘things’ that sit upon the racks of bones that crawl today’s fashion runways.

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