Selling Lingerie

According to this article, lingerie shopping has become hot:

Fashion professionals say that while few years ago finding proper fit lingerie was a tedious work that most women preferred to avoid as long as they can, today, it has become a pleasurable pass-time.

I do think there are reasons for an increase in the general population’s interest in lingerie — most notably that retailers have taken an interest in selling lingerie.

Not just an increase in floor space, but many have hired & trained sales staff. I remember clearly the years in which the lingerie department was void of humans, even at the registers. You’d often have to take your items to another department to purchase them.

If a clerk could be found, she was just that, a clerk. She existed only to put stock on the floor and ring sales; she was not knowledgeable in styles, size, fittings or anything. Would she bring another size to your fitting room? First you’d have to yell into the emptiness…

Women love shopping help. Women love to be waited on. If women didn’t invent the concepts of maids (that was likely part of marriage and a man’s creation), women sure were the first to be willing to pay for them.

In today’s world of rush & do, service means the ability to slow down & relax. Retail therapy isn’t a joke. And it isn’t all about spending (or spending beyond your means either). It’s about being waited on as you seek something special. After long years of retail warehouse self-service sales, a return to the old department stores with quality service is a dream.

Now that lingerie departments are no longer self-service, but full service, women can once again find proper garments and delight in purchases they will not regret.

The article also compares lingerie shopping to shoe shopping. I have mixed feelings about that as ‘women and their shoes’ is such a cliche. But then again, shoe departments have long had real shoe sales persons who helped you with your shopping. So I guess I’ve made my point once again. *wink*

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