Tyra Bank’s Panty Party

That Tyra Banks would appear in her bra and panties isn’t news. It’s lovely & exciting — but what’s thrilling to hear is how normal she is — or, said another way, how like supermodels we all are.

Tyra revealed that she used the cut the lingerie she wore for fashion shows so it always flattered her figure. She explained, “I would have to cut a slit in the back of the panties…
because I was always given these sizes that were too small, so I would cut them so I wouldn’t get that ‘bloop-bloop’ thing on the side when your panties are too tight.”

Holy-hell! Did Tyra really say she gets the ‘bloop-bloops’ too?! Damn! That means she’s got a real human female body, just like us.

“The kind of panties you wear can make a really big difference in the way that you look and the way that you feel.” Banks then ripped off her dress, showing her favorite bra & panty set, and declared, “Today is a panty party.”

Banks also invited her studio audience to bare their undies to get help as she conducted a show all about the dos and don’ts of underwear. Tips from the show can be found at The Tyra Bank’s Show episode recap and Tyra’s show blog.

Tyra also had a “Full-Figured Lingerie Fashion Show”, where Cacique lingerie (Layne Bryant’s lingerie line) was modeled — you can see photos here.

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