Dressing in Lingerie

More thoughts from Michelle

1.The first time I looked down and saw the bodice of my slip stretched across the valley between my “breasts”, it blew me away. Don’t laugh; I literally gasped; it was one of the sexiest sights I ever saw – and had never seen before from that angle. Women see it all the time, of course, and men try to peek into it (me included, I admit). To me, it’s a fabulous sight; still is. You might say I’m easily pleased. I’m going to write a poem about it.

2.The swish of fabric around my knees is still a gentle turn-on, even after all these years. Reading your little-girl reminiscences, it seems it can be for women, too. It turns out that the backs of my knees and legs are major erogenous zones for me, but I never realised that until I dressed. Now I’m discovering the sexy side of my nipples and (dare I say this?) my butt. As they say, life is an education.

3. It still amazes me to see the person I become when I crossdress. I’m different; I move more sensuously, act more gracefully, even (I suspect) think more like a female (respect intended).

4. Wearing stuff under my male clothes all day becomes boring … until I go to the bathroom and see it. I usually make myself use a stall, to stay in character, sit to pee, wipe, etc. Oh, and I’ve learned the benefit of a bit of paper in the crotch of one’s panties to help keep ‘em fresh.

Now for the other side (I hesitate to say “downside”).

6. I like to see myself as Michelle; it turns me on. Veronica Vera, with whom I started dressing in NYC, used to ask me that, and I always said honestly, no. But Veronica, who remains a friend, saw something back then. Smart lady.

7. For me, crossdressing is not merely a release, it’s the ultimate in narcissism. And isn’t that one of the 7 deadly sins?

8. And finally, it comes between me and my wife. We’ve been married a long time, are grandparents 5 times, so we argue a lot. Nothing unusual there. But I notice that my dressing increases then, either as a refuge, or to get back at her, or both. So I guess my Michelle is the other person in our marriage!

(Photos from Alta Heels.)

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