Nice Lingerie, But At What "Price"?

More on Jordan and her new Katie Price lingerie line for bigger busted women:

Apparently she included her family & friends in her show claiming, “There are lots of people who promote their underwear with stick thin models but I wanted to use my family and friends so that’s what I did.”

I so want to like Jordan for her stance, but as posted before, she’s just too wacky for me to like. Wacky and stuck on herself.

Of course, the press doesn’t help her any. Of of them asked her what her husband, Peter Andre, thinks about her boobs — is that even a legitimate question? (Jordan replied, “Pete loves my boobs – even though he never used to go for women with big boobs”. Gee, there’s news. What was that reporter thinking her reply would be?)

The designs aren’t bad, but if I buy them I am supporting her, and that’s a hefty price…

FYI, The Sun has an exclusive video.

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